Mock Inspections

Do you have an inspection coming up? Are you ready? Are your records current, reviewed, and complete? Inspections can be time-consuming, labor intensive, and frustrating. Our mock inspections will ensure that you are prepared for your inspection. We focus on the same areas that the regulatory agency will inspect. We will also audit your quality systems, as well as those of your suppliers, and provide a detailed report of any findings, concerns, and/or recommendations.

Start-Up Labs

Are you starting a new lab? If so, allow Dedric K. Myers & Associates, LLC to assist you with all regulatory requirements. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitation of application process (CLIA, COLA, AABB, etc)
  • Equipment selection/validation
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Employee selection/training
  • Monthly reviews


We assist our clients in addressing and correcting identified deficiencies, preparing and submitting corrective action plans, performing internal audits to meet regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring that each client is operating within all required regulations.

Consulting Services

Dedric K. Myers & Associates, LLC also provides independent consulting services. If you have a one-time project, long-term project, or simply need guidance, we have the solution for you. We strongly believe in understanding our client’s needs and customizing an approach to obtain successful results, thus, we work intimately with our clients to determine their strengths and areas of improvement to maximize the desired outcome. If you have a question or simply need an independent opinion, please contact us.

News and Updates

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